It’s Time to Stop Fetishizing Libertarian Women

We make a lot of jokes about clueless libertarian men. It's funny to imagine the stereotypical autistic dude with a fedora and neck beard screaming about how taxation is theft. This stereotype like many others however is based on a hint of truth. We've all seen it. Many of us chose to ignore or downplay... Continue Reading →



Throughout history great men and woman have sacrificed their careers, freedoms, and even their lives to defend the core liberties that content liberal societies take for granted. These hero's, many of whom shall be forever nameless bravely placed out their hands to be clasped by the cold physical manacles of the world because only by... Continue Reading →

My Beef With Primerica

Formally known as Al Williams, Primerica is a financial services company based on the direct marketing or "MLM" Model with over 100,000 representatives. The company focus primarily on the life insurance with the "buy term, invest the rest" strategy and thus only market Term products. Many people question the "Pyramid" structure of multilevel marketing companies... Continue Reading →

What About the Polar Bears?

     When it comes to stirring emotional rhetoric and feel good solutions to nonexistent problems nothing comes to mind more so than the environmental hysteria. People from all classes of life from rich actors to middle class suburban college kids and other people with nothing better to do can stand up and proclaim their allegiance to... Continue Reading →

7 Ways English Professors are Fascists

We've all had that that Professor. The old washed out loser that majored in English before┬átaking their failures out on the young impressionable kids that are forced to take their classes in vindictive fashion. Then we are forced to bite our tongues because we need this stupid class to graduate. Look I get it. My... Continue Reading →

The God’s of Ideas

Regardless of which political camp you decide to set up tent there's always that one guy around the campfire inspiring the others with his tales of how the perfect world should be. Visionaries and critical thinkers such as them are the ones that push the envelope for real change and enlightenment around the world. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Be a Trans Feminist

PC culture is slowly enveloping western society. Like a plague it grows swallowing all healthy discourse in it's path. Heading the charge for this new politically correct utopia are the social justice police themselves, Feminists. These angry discontent women and their whipped puppy dog slaves following them out of hope they'll get their bellies rubbed,... Continue Reading →

Pathological Victimhood

I was lucky enough to be born into one of the wealthiest, freest countries in the world. The United States is far from perfect, but at least I know that I will never be tortured and killed for my religious beliefs. I will never starve even under the worst situations. This Privilege that I live... Continue Reading →

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