A Messege To Hollywood Liberals

If there is one thing that irks me it’s hypocrisy and double standards. I have no quarrel with Individuals having a moral code so long as they live by the code they advocate. However it seems today people say one thing based on political popularity yet act against their own words for the sake of their own self interests. This comes from every camp weather it be Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian or otherwise. Yet to see where hypocrisy and self appointed elitism breeds strongest one must look no further than the land of Hollywood.

The typical Hollywood Liberal favors far left policies such as wealth redistribution, gun control, government regulation, and other cliched stances as if trying to out liberal their fellows. If you ask the typical actor or director Capitalism is evil or at the very least flawed, and the rich are taking all the wealth at the expense of the poor and middle class. whether these arguments are true or not is well beyond the point of this article. I would rather however like to focus on how well the average Sam Jackson or Sean Penn sticks to their own mantra.

Talented Actor Matt Damon most known for his role in “Good Will Hunting” rallies for public schools; supporting the teachers all the while sneering at the Voucher system and private options only to send his own children to a private school of his choice.

Harvey Weinstein Spoke out against the NRA stating he was going to make a movie to destroy the NRA. This coming from a man whose whole career is built upon ultra violent and shoot ’em up films all but glorifying gun violence. He Tries to take it back now but he’s already made his millions. Unless he intends on giving that money to victims of violence he is just as guilty as the NRA.

The typical Hollywood Liberal advocates a progressive tax system for the sake of “Equality”. In fact many would go so far as to admit that they are in fact socialists. Yet actors such as Samuel L Jackson are worth over 150 million dollars while living in mansions and driving only the newest model car (or ten). No person could honestly ethically say they support equality while living so far above it. Face it YOU are the top 1% you are criticizing.

This doesn’t even begin to cover taking film tax credits and organ food credits on their homes in order to dodge the progressive tax rates they so heavily support. I make a make a call to all of the Hollywood liberals. If you truly support the words you spew than put action before words. Give away all of your wealth until equal with the rest of us, for you are the wealth holders you so heavily rant against, fire your bodyguards since you so want to disarm the average American who can’t afford them, pledge not to take another Dime off of films that glorify guns, and finally send your children to public school like the rest of us since you support public “educators”so much. If its good enough for us it’s good enough for you.


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