The Broken Logic of Conservatism

Fighting against Progressivism is a task I take up often. It’s not often a talking point or fallacy comes up that I haven’t refuted a thousand times. But Today I’m going to break away from the soft familiar ground that I’ve grown accustomed to and instead take on those that often stand beside me. Today I’m calling out all the die hard conservatives out there, and even many of my own libertarian friends on the inconsistencies within their own beliefs.

Conservatives will often be the first to berate the government. Many on the right will often challenge both the size and scope of the state on issues from taxation to regulation then quote the founding fathers in an attempt to justify their positions. And yet when they see fit conservatives will also be the first to call on the very same government that they criticize in order to solve social problems.

Opposition to the death penalty within the conservative movement is few and far between. When a republican candidate proclaims support of said policy the crowd cheers in favor. However when we examine the death penalty for what it is it’s very hard to justify it from a conservative standpoint. Supporters of the death penalty are in fact in favor of granting the government the power to execute people. These same supporters that believe the state is irresponsible, corrupt, and oppressive suddenly lose all skepticism when it comes to the state killing people? The death penalty can’t even be justified from a fiscal point of view. Numerous Studies from multiple states Show that the death penalty costs substantially more than non Capital cases. So to summarize fiscally responsible small government conservatives Are in favor of spending more money in order to grant the state the power to execute.

 GUNS are always a heated topic in the media. And the proper place of government in regulating said guns is an issue at which almost nobody can agree. The main argument among conservatives for free reign on arms is that it protects the citizens from the tyranny of the state. And yet these same conservatives that fear the ever growing power of a dictatorial state support increasing military spending over what is already larger than the next 8 Countries combined. If the state is so dangerous why arm it?warspending

Even Hero worship within the conservative movement has been tainted with hypocrisy. Mirroring progressive fascination of FDR, conservatives place their faith in Ronald Reagan. And much like the Champions of social justice supporting a man who put 150,000+ Japanese Americans in Internment camps, The Tea party which got its start in a bid to balance the budget idolizes a man who tripled Gross national Debt. Reagan in a sense could be seen as the grandfather of budget deficits.

Philosophy is about finding the foundation of your principles then expanding from that foundation with logic and consistency. If what you believe is inconsistent with your foundational principles you must choose whether to follow your philosophy or to scrap it in favor your new beliefs. Conservatives seem to want principle without actually being principled.


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