What Happened After: Guardians of the Galaxy

Spoiler Alert!

With Ronan Defeated Peter Quill and the guardians Venture towards their next adventure leaving the infinity stone within the responsible hands of the Nova Corps Guaranteeing peace for the galaxy thus marking the end to a Delightful if but Cliche film. What Isn’t told however is what happens after the gang parts from Xandar and its governing body Nova Corps.

For quite some time the Infinity Stone laid protected under the watchful eyes of Nova Corps keeping its power from surfacing in the wrong hands. It wasn’t long however until Nova realized just what they could do. With their new found power the Xandarians no longer had need to hold Their treaty with the Kree Empire. Using the Infinity Stone the Nova Corps Pushed the Kree to the brink of defeat forcing them into submission. Not stopping there the Nova corps pushed forward conquering the entire galaxy. Lairs of the galaxy’s rejects such as Knowhere were simply destroyed. This new unstoppable power combined with the armed forces of nova lead to a totalitarian despotism with absolutely no hope of the people retaking control. In an attempt to keep the infinity stone away from crooks and criminals the guardians unwittingly handed it over to the largest group of crooks in the galaxy, Nova Corps. In hindsight it seems it would have been better left with the collector.


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