Pathological Victimhood

I was lucky enough to be born into one of the wealthiest, freest countries in the world. The United States is far from perfect, but at least I know that I will never be tortured and killed for my religious beliefs. I will never starve even under the worst situations. This Privilege that I live everyday is attributed to the mere luck that I wasn’t born in some other place, some other time.

You see I am privileged, Just as anyone else living in a western society today. Our very existence is one of privilege. Whether you are White, Black, Man, or Women you are just as privileged as I to be living in such a bountiful place.

Unfortunately it is this very privilege that empowers us to bitch and whine about even the most trivial issues. Our forefathers fought to end the persecution of every shape and color of human beings. Men died fighting wars and Women were imprisoned battling for suffrage. People made real sacrifices for real change only to leave us battling over what Halloween costumes are the most offensive. When put into perspective we truly see how pathetic our perceived problems truly are.

The life of luxury has left people so bored that they seek offense in everything and have nothing better to do than invent new ways for men to be sexist and whites racist.

The strongest weapon the victim has is their innate ability to redefine terms to fit whatever arbitrary agenda that’s on their mind. The titles Racist, Misogynist, Sexist, Rapist, ect. have been so heavily watered down to the point of being meaningless. It’s easy to take the moral high ground when anyone who disagrees with you is a rapist by default. Even worse the pathological victim actually repeats the mantra so much that they actually start to believe it themselves.

Furthermore the victim is incapable of taking any shred of responsibility and will instead shift all of their problems onto the whipping boy of structural oppression. They don’t make minimum wage because they have no skills; they are being oppressed. They aren’t unemployed because they majored in film; they are being oppressed. It’s always societies fault for their failures.

The most dangerous victims are the professionals. The career victims live in the limelight spewing negativity for the sake of attention and ratings. Their careers depend on ruining people lives and reputations. Negativity bias leads these talentless whiners to positions of standing and power among the brainless shills that are so dangerous in large groups.

Yet these victims who spew such negativity and hate fail recognize the blessing they are given by living in a place that allows them to fume such stupidity without fear of repercussion. They are privileged to live in a place where they can freely whine and complain generally without fear of repercussion from the people they accuse. In fact the very people they accuse would often fight and die for the whiners right to whine.


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