Why You Can’t Be a Trans Feminist

PC culture is slowly enveloping western society. Like a plague it grows swallowing all healthy discourse in it’s path. Heading the charge for this new politically correct utopia are the social justice police themselves, Feminists. These angry discontent women and their whipped puppy dog slaves following them out of hope they’ll get their bellies rubbed, scour the internet looking for new and improved ways to be offended. Once they’ve found their target, they sick their trained dogs and other followers upon the object of offence and tear it to shreds before moving on to their next target. The entire “ideology” is predicated on being offended. While there is much stupidity in the pseudo science that is Feminist theory we won’t dive too heavily into it today.

Along with this evolving PC culture comes the push for Trans acceptance. There are far too many forms of Transgenderism, from Biological Men who identify as Women, Biological Women who identify as Men, and people who identify as Both, Neither or a Potato.. So for the sake of simplicity from this point out we’ll just refer to them all as Trans.

Trans acceptance has been structurally hinged on the invalidation of behavioural theories for Gender Dysphoria. The inability to intentionally raise a boy as a girl or vice versa is often cited as enough evidence to discredit behavioural theories. Transgender communities and most modern psychologists tend to agree that Transgenderism is usually linked to brain structure. Biological Women who transition to Men have Male sized brains and vice versa.

However prominent Feminist arguments are wholly based on behavioural influences; The very same behavioural influences that are debunked by the Trans acceptance community. According to Feminists, Men are conditioned by society to be sexist. Patriarchy Theory, to the contrary of Trans acceptance is in fact a behavioural theory. The idea that there are male and female brains brings to light the reasons men and women make different choices. Studies with children show that boys choose masculine toys, and girls tend to take on a nurturing roll picking feminine toys. This is just as true as they age. Men generally choose technical busy work, and Women generally choose to work with people. Feminists seem to expect a gender parity, often citing the lack of women in certain fields. Yet the very same neurological factors that determine gender identity also effect the personality traits of those very individuals; including the career that they choose.

In conclusion Feminists cannot blame rape culture for shaping men, but instead must blame innate predetermined factors which are biologically imbedded within each and every one of us. In short I don’t “eye rape” you because of a Patriarchical society influencing me to objectify and demean women. I “eye rape” you because of basic primal biological urges flowing through me that are far beyond my control.


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