The God’s of Ideas

Regardless of which political camp you decide to set up tent there’s always that one guy around the campfire inspiring the others with his tales of how the perfect world should be. Visionaries and critical thinkers such as them are the ones that push the envelope for real change and enlightenment around the world. Unfortunately in many cases the ideas themselves become overshadowed by the personality exemplifying them. However it moves further than campfire tales to the point where the listeners start Doing his laundry, cooking his meals, and fencing their camp off from the outside world this Campfire Tale Teller becomes their holey prophet

It’s almost scary to see a zombie like following, worshiping mortal men as infallible gods that can do no wrong. Those sheep begin forming their opinions solely upon the words of those gods.

Dave Ramsey a man who is widely considered to be a financial Guru is a vocal finance talking head with strict opinions on Debt, Insurance, Investments etc. Yet he has inspired a near cult like following from the Primerica financial professionals. While it may be possible they reference him as an easy way to legitimize their position, I see it going much further than that. The new agents are almost brainwashed into believing Dave at face value with no personal thought. He is pushed into the scene as an infallible god from day one. So while it may have started as an appeal to authority it has grown into something much deeper.

“Socialist” College kids provide a huge base of support for United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. He inspires a Cult like following of kids that follow him not based on the merits of his ideals, but rather emotional attachment to them. It doesn’t matter if Bernie’s plans on Health, College Debt, Taxes ect. have no baring in reality. All that matters is Wall Street is evil, People are dying, and college is expensive. Bernie has managed to inspire a large base of ignorant fools with no actual education into supporting his ludicrous ideas because “He’s the good guy”

Even Dr. Ron Paul, a man that I hold in high regard has a strong Cult following of individuals incapable of criticizing him or even considering the idea that Paul may be wrong on some issues.

The list goes on forever with names such as Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Ronald Reagan, FDR, and many more wove built their entire careers based around their personalities; Many of them personally responsible for horrible unintended consequences, And many of whom had little impact on the events leading to their fame. And some outright becoming Gods in the eyes of their followers, famous for doing the opposite of what they actually did such as Reagan supposedly cutting spending when he increased the deficit.

In every case the intellectually challenged followers fail at critical thinking and truly forming their own opinions based on the merits of the ideas rather than the personality that exemplified them. It’s very possible to agree with Dave Ramsey about his ideas on Debt, while disagreeing with him on Insurance. I can agree with Mr. Sanders that the political system has been rigged in favor of big money without actually agreeing with his solutions. Finally It’s more than possible to respect someone like Ron Paul without agreeing with everything he spouts like a child who has yet to form their own personal opinions.


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