Stop with the Annoying Amber Alerts

Look i get it, Our kids are the future; We need to protect them. But you don’t help little Amber by making my phone scream out of control with a jumble of incoherent text I promptly ignore. Yes I know we can (opt out). I’ve already done so. But that doesn’t stop my ears from ringing when every single coworkers phone goes off the rails every two minutes at the office.

It’s a feel good program of course. How can we not take steps to save kids after all? But I have to ask. Has anyone actually read the incoherent text and then saved a kid thanks to their cell phone? Look, I’m no car expert. Telling me the make and model of a car with the description of a generic child isn’t going to help. Hell, how hard is it to send a picture? That might actually help. Yet instead we are faced with a loud buzz and a string of words we forget within seconds of the alert.


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