Dear White People Exemplifies everything Wrong with Black Victim Culture.

So I realize I’m late to this party. In fact so late that the Keg is empty and there is a half naked man on my couch. But to be honest I’ve never been much for following the outrage crowd. To me the controversy was blown out of proportion by snowflake conservatives that needed a safe space to tuck themselves away from titles and speech that offends them. The irony of threatening to boycott Netflix for giving a platform to opposing views while laughing at college safe spaces is more than lost on them. So rather than judge a book by its cover I decided to take a look at the show and see whats so “Revolutionary” about it. I wanted to know first hand whether or not the white outrage was justified. Yet rather than seeing something revolutionary lost precious moments of my life having the very same lazy drivel ridden agenda rammed down my threat that you’d expect from an ivy league millennial that couldn’t cut it in a class which actually requires learning something and elects to take courses where feels are rewarded more than brains. In fact, That’s the protagonist of this series. At least up until the point I decided to quit watching.

The show opens with a “non threatening” black voice as to not upset fragile white people; Somewhat ironic since the show’s entire plot revolves around offended black people. Next we are introduced to the non inclusive villains of the show that look like they paid for their tuition by working at Abercrombie & Fitch. The white people. Never mind that most white people will never make it into the ivy league school as our privileged black protagonist, we are the upper class and blacks are the lower class. At least that’s how it’s presented in Dear White People. This was quickly followed by a montage of “microaggressions” ending with the question “What are you?”, A question no white person has ever asked anyone.

You see the entire narrative of the safe space movement is built on straw men. They purposefully construct their own ideal enemy as to more easily demonize and dismiss the people that oppose them. Why counter an argument when you can just paint the picture of a Nazi running around touching random people hair, or asking what kind of Asian they are?

Finally we meet the main character Sam White, an angry black woman with mostly white white features that proceeds to lecture white people on acceptable Halloween costumes as if we somehow needed her permission in the first place. Afterwards she meets her hookup and to her surprise the camera pans down to a white guy. This was the only semi-intelligent moment of the show as it challenged my preconceived assumptions that he would be black. But then again she spends every waking moment fanning the flames of division. So can you really blame me for stereotyping?

Unfortunately all is not well in Winchester University. The White people have plans to host a black face party. How dare they do something in bad taste on the black caucus’s watch? So the all so innocent black people show up assaulting people and destroying property when they don’t get their way; Big Surprise.

Another prominent trait among the perpetually offended that they are more than willing to use violence to stifle anything they don’t agree with. These aren’t reasonable people who are willing to have a discussion with you. You either cater to their viewpoints or they will shut you down. They are allowed so be provocative and insensitive, you are not. Don’t attempt to challenge those conditions or else.

Congratulations! If you made it this far through the episode without hanging yourself in the closet you have the pleasure of finding out that it was Sam who sent out the invite for the black face party from the beginning. So to be clear. In order to prove that the school is full of racists she fuels racism with divisive rhetoric and when that proves insufficient she uses the divisiveness that she fueled to stage an insensitive party in order to anger the black community. And it’s the white people that are racist…

In Summery the entire episode was filled with black people spewing racist drivel, Fueling Divisiveness, using violence to shut down white people that dared to speak their mind all while criticizing white people as privileged racists. This would just be a stupid show, but unfortunately it’s a direct reflection of the actual college experience. It’s an example of the victim hood mentality that plagues the black community. This isn’t just some stupid show. This is real.


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