About Me

10645149_944918582236306_7885783340094824278_nMy name is Kenneth Andrews. I’m a Martial Artist, Financial Professional and an avid politically incorrect social activist. I believe in brutal honesty; even if it may hurt your feelings. I have a firm belief that polite restraint is basically a polite lie and that if you are offended by the truth then you deserved to be offended.

My Story
44767_103034356424737_794172_nI have an extensive history in Martial Arts. I’ve studied Tang Soo Do for 4 years and Comped in National level tournaments. I went on to take part in MMA, often lying about my age in order to compete in the sport. I’m currently studying BJJ by some of the best in the business. It’s a passion of mine and I hope to fight again.

I studied Computer Informations in college before realizing it’s not what I wanted to do with my life. Eventually I found myself accidentally employed as an insurance agent with a company that I will not name for legal reasons. I learned a lot but quickly left as they had little to offer me, and I didn’t trust the company. From there I joined a fortune 500 company and began training to get licensed in securities. I was forced to leave after my contract was terminated as a direct result of politically correct social justice warriors coordinating an attack on my employer spamming one sided screenshots of comments posted to my page. It was this that Encouraged me to open this publishing site in order to create a place I can freely place my ideas.


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