Paternalism of the State

Poverty is an issue which strikes countries from all around the world. From the desolate third world to even the most of prosperous of nations people can find themselves left behind. Alleviating the bottom class from their ailments has been a puzzle among many civilizations for as long as ┬áthe concept of society has existed.... Continue Reading →


Unequal Equality

One of the most profound cases against capitalism is that it is unequal in nature. The argument for for a more equal distribution of wealth is often touted as the most ethical answer to poverty. For why should one man have more wealth than he needs while others starve? While it is not difficult to... Continue Reading →

A Messege To Hollywood Liberals

If there is one thing that irks me it's hypocrisy and double standards. I have no quarrel with Individuals having a moral code so long as they live by the code they advocate. However it seems today people say one thing based on political popularity yet act against their own words for the sake of... Continue Reading →

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